• Caroline Hales

April Fool's check in

Spring has sprung and for some people this is a great time of year to "shake things up" and reassess areas of our life. I do this on a regular basis and ask myself "am i enjoying work?" "am I enjoying my hobbies?", "do I look forward to my day when I wake?"........if the answer is no then its time to TAKE ACTION and make your life a happier more fulfilled one. My friends often laugh at me as I am always trying something new to keep life interesting and its important to keep moving forward rather than look back with regret.

Life can be a challenge and you should salute yourself for getting up and facing the day! The world around us can have serious negative influences and you need to be resilient and rise above this. I have some regular tools I use each day to to keep me motivated and stay positive and I would like to share a few with you today;

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - this is such an easy feel good tool and I challenge you to try it TODAY and every day for a month. It takes 5- 10 min, is easy to do and yes it actually works! There are plenty of utube videos and there is an app you can download onto your phone which will guide you. SO, if you are feeling blue, stressed, emotional, demotivated - just try it and make a commitment to yourself to follow it though for a month as a new morning habit.

Gratitude Diary - we are so much more fortunate than we realise sometimes even t the darkest of times. Rather than sitting dwelling on th negative narrative in your brain get a pen and paper and start to write down anything positive - this could literally be the fact you have running water and can have a drink, you are able to stand, walk and go outside, you have a family member of friend to talk to , you can look outside and see the sky and breath in the fresh air, you have a lovely soft duvet or pillow, your shampoo smells nice and makes your hair soft, you have a 4 legged friend to comfort you, you have a roof over your head, you have food in the fridge, your car starts and gets you from a -b......get the idea? Keep wirting these lists every day and at the end of the week read back over your week and realise how lucky you are.

Energy - connecting with your own energy system - we are powerful beings and many of us are completely unaware of our own power within. We have chakra points that are energy centres and when blocked affect our mood and physicality - follow some guided meditations on connecting with your energy centres and with practise you can soon learn to raise your internal vibration and feel energised & uplifted.

Still feeling stuck - maybe you need some support along the way - I can help guide you with these and other tools in a 1-1 session so feel free to contact me to discuss further.

Love & Light

Caro x

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