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Is it time for you to create a life you love?

Free Offer

20 min Free "Change You" Session

In 20 minutes I will show you how to improve your current situation & move forward

​​07702 175 331



I have the feeling you have been guided here because you are ready to start taking action and ready to live a purposeful life that will make you feel fulfilled.


My sole focus is to help individuals improve their lives, overcome limiting beliefs, heal trauma and so much more  - enabling you to brilliance. 

White Sand and Stone




Coaching you to be your best self. Support with weight loss, anxiety & depression, career, relationships, business and more...

Energy Healing

Reiki Healing &

Reiki and spiritual healing sessions for clearing energy fields, and repairing and rebalancing Chakras. I also run Level 1 & 2 training workshops...


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique is a revolutionary alternative therapy, providing healing from physical and emotional pain and disease. 

Matrix Reimprinting


Memories from our past impact our well being on a psychological and physical level. Rewrite your past, and transform your future...

“Caroline has a true gift which has helped me so much it’s truly miraculous. Let me put this into context; I’m a middle aged, successful, professional man who was at breaking point, physically and emotionally, burnt out and struggling to find a way forward. Whilst not a true skeptic of holistic healing I had my doubts about how valid it was, I believe in an unknown energy in the world but….? Someone suggested Caroline, I felt so desperate for help that I embarked on several sessions with her. Apart from being really supportive, understanding and kind she explained how she approached holistic healing and off we went. From EFT/coaching to energy healing I have been absolutely blown away by the positive impact and within a month I’m feeling better than I have in years. How, I’ve no idea really although I’m on a journey of understanding. Coming home from my last session my wife’s response sums it all up; “your eyes look brighter and bluer, your whole aura has changed” what can I say other than if you feel you need help or support let Caroline ‘do her thing’ and be prepared for amazing things to happen” Chris H, Brading

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