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Events & Training

Sunday 4th June
Landguard Manor Wellbeing Day, Shanklin

Emotional Freedom Technique Sessions & Demos


Timetable for Sundays Wellbeing event :

10-11am Informal chat, question time

11am Group Cravings session

12pm Group Managing Menopause

1pm Group Anxiety/Worry

2pm Group Sleep Well

3pm onwards Individual 30 min sessions

Cost for Group is £10 and last approx 30-45 min

Cost for individual 30 min £30

Pm to book on or come and have a chat on the day x

Caroline Hales invites you to experience small Group and 1-1 Emotional Freedom Technique sessions. Just find my Gazebo approx half way round the event through the gardens. I'm available for informal chats, private sessions, group work and demonstrations.

Demonstrations of tracking negative energy in the body - see how energy shifts in your body as EFT does its work.

Would you like to volunteer to work on a negative emotion, belief or feeling ? PM me to check event timings.

Take the "Bet your Craving Challenge" - bring along your favorite go to, whether thats chocolate, crisps, cake or even wine and take the challenge.

Experience the "Sleep Well" Challenge - using EFT we will reduce your worries, encourage calm and you leave with a self help tool to try at bed time.

"Worry Buster Challenge" - we will work as a group on generic worries to shift these and also start to track the root causes.

"Embracing Menopause"- reduce your anxieties on the symptoms you experience

"Pain Shift" Demonstration (subject to availability)

NB these are short demo sessions to give you an insight to how EFT works - you will notice shifts in energy/emotions but we will not go too deep or visit traumatic events - deeper work is available privately by appointment post event.

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