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 I discovered Lifewave patches myself when a friend offered me a pain relief patch for my wrist whilst out for a coffee and a chat. I had suspected tendonitis and an old fracture which had caused me 18 months of pain.  This had impacted many aspects of my life, including having to stop my beloved Samba drumming, playing guitar and even typing was painful. I had previously tried acupuncture, self healing, physiotherapy and splinted my wrist for months at a time.


Within 5 days I noticed a difference and within less than 10 days my pain was GONE!! At that moment I was invested in these miracle patches and now regularly use X39 which has given me so much more energy, I feel upbeat, optimistic and ready for the world. 


 LifeWave patches are a new phototherapy technology, that when placed on the skin trap heat your body produces in the form of infrared light - this creates different wavelengths of light depending on the type of patch used.

Lifewave patches aid the communication system of the body, increase energy production and support antioxidant levels. They provide pain relief, better sleep, anti-aging and weight management. The patches are non invasive, non-transdermal and contain no drugs or stimulants. Lifewave patches help alleviate symptoms, not cure or treat disceases. 

For more information, browse,  purchase products or even join Lifewave on the wonderful journey of sharing this amazing technology to help others please visit;

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